20 000 – Sold out

The second night in London and the final show on The Final Frontier World Tour. My 28th Iron Maiden show.
What a show!! We followed the same procedure as the the night before. At the O2 it was an Exclusive Pictorial Preview Of The Forthcoming Book Iron Maiden ‘On Board Flight 666’. We didn`t visit the expedition but had a few photos of the creature at the entrance – Eddie himself from Somewhere Back On Tour.

This time we had standing tickets so we entered the arena a bit earlier. Spectrum and Telenor Arena, you should go to O2 to learn a few things…We bought beer and went for some spots in front of the sound desk. There were quite good view even on the floor. The show kicked off and we knew straight away we were in for one of those special night. I have never heard Steves`s bass this loud, or Dave so focused, or Nicko`s drumming so thunderous. Bruce was spitting out the words as like it was the last time. Blood Brothers magic and very emotional..When Running Free ( with crowd wave and everything) started, I knew it was the last time I would witness Maiden in a loooong time. After the show Mortis and Ida managed to get a drum skin even we were quite far back in the crowd.

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The end celebrated with the “Ring Of Brian”

Thanks Maiden for some fantastic shows. I will be looking forword to next time. Thank also to you fellow Maiden fans out there!!