Hi and welcome to my guitar pages. I`m a hobby guitarist and share some recordings in this section. I`ve sold or stopped using my old analog gear and replaced it with a Fractal Axe Fx II. I also got Ground Control and a Mission EP-1 for fun. 

My guitars are:
– Fender American Standard 2008 Model, 3 color Sunburst
– Gibson Les Paul Joe Bonamassa Sign Model 2011
– Ibanez AT 300 Andy Timmons Signature Model ( rare)
– Peavey T-60
– Seagull Accustic + Folk
– Takamine Accustic G-Series

Recording software:
– Audacity and direct line from the Axe Fx ( Firewire)

Studio Monitors:
– KRK Rokit 6

Some recordings from the vault and from K.Jagen studios over the years

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=UUi7JSea1JTt0b2Dvp9axJpg&layout=gallery[/embedyt]