Here is a few photos from Jotunheimen. First day was from Gjendebu and in the valley and small peaks surrounding Veslådalen
The higher mountains in the area are Slettmarkhøe and Svartdalspiggen. Slettmarkbrean, a glacier, is also close by.
Had a few baths in a glacier river and Gjendevatnet

A few photos from the sunset by Gjendevannet

0800 am and the ferry from Gjendeheim to Gjendebu. We walked Knutshøe in the photo the next day

Gjendevannet and Besseggen as seen from Veslådalen

Looking towards Semeltinden and many more peaks above 2200 m


Gjendevannet and Bessegen in the background

A refreshing seat in the glacier water from Slettmarkbrean

A bath in Gjendevannet

A well deserved local IPA. Knutseggen in the background