Thursday 20th we drove south to Gardermoen to leave for London 11 am.However this was not to be. Our flight had been cancelled due to heavy fog at Heathrow. We were transferred to another flight 5 pm… Ok we thought, better than nothing. But 5 this flight was postponed to later. And so it continued to 8.30. I was actually out in the check in area 3 times to speak to British Airways, because of NO information in the terminal hall itself.

I went through the pass control 3 times…This was not allowed, but me and several other made our way through because we were frustrated of the lack of information. It`s OK with fog and security, but you need to know what is happening. Tone which had an stumock operation two days before wasn`t to happy with the wait neither.

At one point I actually asked for my baggage, but this was also impossible because it was on the plane… But I`m glad it was, that would had been the end of this trip and a unforgettable experience shorter..

Anyway we got on the flight and waited for takeoff for 1.5 hour…
On the flight Cyrus by coincident sat next to us. We chatted all the flight and he showed us the way to the tube. He also went to the Ibis because he missed the train he was supposed to take. Thanks. Nice to meet you!!
We arrived at the Ibis about 1 am. Because of the delay we never got to Ruskin Arms with the others. But OK, the next day was more important. We met The Beast and the others just home from Ruskin, in the Lobby.

Since our trip to London had been cut down to 1 day ( 2 travel days, ha ha) we had to take a short trip to the city centre. Also to see the norwegian christmas tree at Trafalgar Square..
We were back at the hotel 1.30 to join the Party Troopers in the bar.
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Met so many and I can`t remember all the names.
I noticed there was a slight problem with my name amongst the english speaking people. Kjagen is pronounced shagen ( sh sound like in shit..) Many said; K …..Jagen (like in Mick Jagger)Jersey Devil from US, a great guy. Talked with him after the concert. You had a few clever things to say which I remember!!

Also met Rasmus ( like a mate even though I`ve met him twice)  Lord Summerisle, Oozily (where is your accent from??) Chondro Maiden ( great outfit..), Benjamin Breeg ( also great outfit), Tommy from Germay ( the vid will be up soon), Dtt, VixenEmpress from Israel and the US girl ( Kelly??), Queen Of Hearts, Rafi from Israel, Steve Hunter, TheRiderSoMysterious, Jason ( as in EC and NEC 03),  two guys from Kendall, the couple from Japan (who celebrated his 100th concert, I thought I was a big fan with 15 concert…;)
Another guy from US and the older man from Cardiff.

So we went down and went into the huge bar. A perfect place for a fan meetup!!
It was packed with fans already. Like heaven for a Maiden fan. Maiden music  on the loudspeakers and people with the same interest as yourself.. It did not take many minutes before we were talking with people.

These party troopers I remember;
The Organizer, The Beast (the first I met in the hotel in the night thursday) Thank you for organizing the entire thing. Nice, well spoken and calm chat from Portsmouth!? Great show with the goddiebag raffle.
Khan from US (great guy, signed your flag)
Always wondered what king of guy this was.
Great guy.
Aces High and Mina from Finland ( a couple like ourselves and great to meet and talk with the hours before the concert)
Draconion and his mate from Holland ( The Ukrainian basketball team. Thirsty, like us…and very friendy chaps!!
Thanks for the photos. I borrowed a couple.
We talked to just one other norwegian, The Clansman666, great to meet you!!
I understand there were a few more 23th present. And a lot of other fans which all were great people, but I don`t remember the names.

Then we met Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance, former Maiden guitarist in the 70tees. Great guys.
Interviewed them also.

We were seated this time. FATB in Stockholm and Oslo, and could see the show in another way.
Great show and atmosphare. The powercut for 1/2 hour actually added to the experience. Great fun with football on stage and crowd singing. And the crowd wave. Great experience.

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After the show we walked back to the hotel. It was time for the raffle. Sullivan and The Beast pulled out the goodie bag winner. A frencman won it. Then it was just party all night long.
Great talking and drinking beer with the Hollenders and the Finns and Jersey Devil from US. + loads of others. It was a long night…5 amSaturday we had to leave for Norway in time of christmas.

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We had our best Maiden experince ever. Thanks to all we met and talked to. See you later.
Thanks to The Beast for making it come true and for being the ultimate organizer!! I miss a photo with you!Afterwards you always think you should have talked with more but anyway.

Up the Irons

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