For almost a year we`d been looking forward to the day Maiden was to play our home town. When it was announced, it was quite special. Some days, 1 or 2, I had to go and see if the stage was on its way. I got these photos from the building process.

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About every single person I knew in Trondheim and elsewhere was going and my brother wa also coming up north. The concert day arrived and we were very up for it. First some Maiden albums at home, then 100 m down to Solsiden to have beers. The weather was great and  there were Maiden shirts everywhere. A lot of fans were outside Blæst were there was a competition i think.

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We hired a taxi with a scotsman, I don`t remember his name, but he had been a few places on this tour.
At Lerkendal we hooked up with some other friends and lined up for FTTB. I talked to some of the imocs I knew and Dave Pattenden. More beer at the pub outside the stadium. Once inside it was all about enjoying the event and we chatted to numerous people from all over. Greetings to the fans from Bruce Air. Fun talking to you.

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Lerkendal was beginning to fill up. It was sold out, about 24 000 people inside. It was the biggest concert and largest concert audience ever in Trondheim. Ozzy 2007 sold 15 000 tickets. What`s great about First to The Barrier is that you can walk about and then claim your place in the pit minutes before the concert starts, if that`s what you prefer.

The concert started and it was great once again. The crowd was also very much into it and the Trondheim crowd is not famous for being carried away, the football audience that is anyway. The concert was better than Stockholm I think, but did not reach the hights of the two classic shows in Paris`s Bercy.
After the show we walked to say hello to Doug Hall again. As always he chatted with us. This time he shared something very personal which had happened to him just a few days before the show. “The show must go on”.

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Towards the city centre after the gig, the streets were full! We did manage to enter Blæst after some time.

Next up was Oslo 55o km south.