Steve Harris British Lion, Rockefeller – Oslo
Concert rating: 7/10
Audience: 400

September 2012, Steve Harris released his first side project in his 37 year long career in iron Maiden. The album “British Lion” is a effort he`s worked on with four collaboraters and friends in the last five years. Later he also decided to do a european tour in small clubs with  200-1000 crowds, a huge contrast to the Iron Maiden tour later this year.

I never was a big fan of the album. It has some good tracks and a lot of great bass pattern and unfamiliar styles from Steve, but it also has some poor tracks in my opinion.
So I went to the gig to see Steve Harris at close range and that`s was it really. Never had any high expectations. But I really enjoyed the show. Steve was doing his thing as it was in front of 50 000 in the audience. The bass sound was loud and clear and some of the tracks shined more in a live setting. A track that didn`t made it to the album “Father lucifer” had some great grooves and the poor album version of “Karma Killer” was now turned into a beast live. It`s difficult to give the show a fair rating. In a pure Harris perspective, it was 10/10. It`s a rare chance to get to study his playing and style in a club setting. Most likely the one and only.

It was a real low profile show, one lorry with equipment, but it was the Killer Crew, same as with Iron Maiden.

The rumour was that Steve showed up after every show to do photos and to sign stuff, and 45 minutes after the show he arrived!! First meet since 2005. Great! I managed to say “Great show” and “thank you”…! Tone got a picture to. And now the Powerlave sleeve is signed by Nicko, Bruce and Steve! 3 to go..



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