Walking towards the first climb. Knutsøe in the background. 
Looing quite small and easy, this walk was suprisingly challinging. At least for us who had little experience with this kind of walks. Reading articles on the internet didn`t help much as people describe it very differently. It was the first climbing part that was a bit surprising with very narrow rocks with 30-40 meter steep falls. I wouldn`t recommend this part with small children. We was informed of an alternative route on south-west side. We used this on our way back and it way better for avoiding the steep part.

Well. Seemed a bit steep when closing in…

After a bit rough start and trying to figure how to get back, we`re on our way towards the top. 

Gjende and Bessegen across the lake

Very steep down to Leirungdalen

Leirungdalen and Gjendevannet

The peak at Knutsøe and the last climbing part

The point no return, so we turned before the last part. No point in getting to risky without proper experience