1999 was the year for my second Iron Maiden concert ever. It was 7 years since the last in Spectrum 1992. Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith had quit the band, and the years after 1993 weren`t the best in my opinion. I still was a huge Maiden fan, but the 2 tours in between just slipped away for some reason.

So this tour was a big reunion tour with Bruce and Adrian coming back. The word was that Maiden was going to be the number 1 metal band once again. And the rants from Dickinson in the Globe showed to come true a few years later.Three mates, Ragnar, Løken, Fjøra and I, travelled the long way from Trondheim to Stockholm by train. I think it lasted for 12 hours..The trip south seemed quite quick anyway.

In Stockholm, we checked in at our place, Columbus. A gusthouse, cheap and just all right. It was situated just between Globen and the city center.
The first night we were supposed to take it easy, but it was rather the opposite. So the big day for the concert we were quite tired already.

Approaching The Globe area this soon got better. The sight of the massive Globe spirited us. We sat in some of the numerous bars in the area and drank beer and listen to Maiden music.

Inside the arena we were seated right to the left from the stage. Good view, but above the lighting rig and a bit sharp angle for the sound.
The start of the show was great with a plane in the arena, Transylvania on the speakers and then intro Churchill and then Aces High…A great gig and fantastic setlist. A lot of my favourites, Powerslave and more.

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After the gig we went to some bars in the area Medborgarplassen.

Later we visted the usual tourist attractions in Stockholm, the castle, Djurholmen and Løken got to see his first shark a aquarium.
The train journey north wasn`t that exciting as the the trip before the concert….